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Dan Britton @dan_britton
21/07/2018 19:41:28
Any last minute takers ??? £50entry £1000 to the winners #InItToWinIt #Penallta7s #The12thTeam https://t.co/ZsDC1u8reP
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tybred @tybred2017
20/07/2018 18:17:28
Excellent presentation about Rugby, wearing the famous blue and yellow of @PenalltaRugby1 https://t.co/LQUWykw9Gf
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Dan Britton @dan_britton
20/07/2018 18:09:44
***REMINDER*** ENTRIES CLOSE TOMORROW NIGHT. 1 MORE TEAM NEEDED. £25 deposit ANY TAKERS ? #Penallta7s https://t.co/oAwFD8kaZU
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🔷🔶Penallta RFC🔶🔷 @PenalltaRugby1
19/07/2018 11:05:54
Well done young man! 🔷🔶🔷🔶 https://t.co/mg8ULSY43K